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We believe the best stories in games, are not the ones players are told, but the ones players will tell.

Led by AI and UGC gaming veterans from Zynga, Roblox, and Manticore, Incite is creating a new category of gaming, emergent narrative games powered by AI.


Andrew Friday (CEO) Linkedin

Andrew Friday is a product leader and serial entrepreneur who has been in the gaming industry since 2011, shipping 30+ apps and games generating hundreds of millions of installs.

As CEO at Incite, Andrew runs product and operations, with a strong focus on understanding new ways we can solve problems for RPG players using language models and other cutting edge tech.

Nicolas Coderre (CTO) Linkedin

Nicolas is bringing his 18 years of professional game development experience to bear on the problem of dynamic systems and intelligent NPCs.

He’s particularly passionate about how we can allow new forms of player agency with generative AI. His experience running live ops on mobile games with over 45M lifetime installs will come in handy.

Dan Fessler (CCO) Linkedin

Dan has over 15 years of game development experience as a creative leader having shipped over 20 titles on platforms across mobile, consoles, web and PC.

Previously, Dan was the Chief Visual Officer at Manticore games working on Core, a AAA UGC platform where he helped scale the company to over 150 employees, and oversaw brand partnerships and development collaborations.

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